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First Feedback on OPH 2017

XV sans Q (France) :   Thank you for this very well organized tournament with a very good rugby games.  We had a great time in your city. The muscles are tired but the head happy !! see you soon !!

Hamilton Dynamiters (SA):  Thank you and your colleagues for a really well run and stunning tournament – on the field and off the field.  We have had one of the best tours ever and we do lots of touring so well done and good luck with you future tours.

Final ranking Old Prague Ham 2017

1. Hamilton Dynamiters – South Africa
2. Malta Marauders – Malta
3. Le Gros Moignons – France
4. Old Boys Prague – Czech Republic
5. Moravskoslezsti Orli – Czech Republic
6. XV sans Q – France
7. Old Boys Moldova – Moldova
8. Old Boys Teramo – Italy

Last call

Hello Rugby friends

Let me  invite you to our tournament 8th Old Prague Ham which will be held in Prague in June 8 – June 11, 2017.

Come and enjoy great old boys rugby tournament with unbeatable UNLIMITED BEER CONSUMPTION  as well as the beauties of Prague with its famous nightlife.

At this moment we have 3 teams fully registered:

–          Hamilton Dynamiters from South Africa

–          Malta Marauders – finalist of 2016 edition coming again !

–          XV without Q from France


We are looking forward seeing your team !

For detailed info contact us at:

8th Old Prague Ham

Organizing Committee